About us

“Lights Up!” That’s how most theater begins. But without someone to pay the electricity bill, all you’ve got is a radio show. Enter our producers, Terry Boyd and his sister, Pam Boyd, who have both invested to bring our first production, The 39 Steps, to the stage. But how did this all come about, you ask?

In 2015, Terry and Pam were visiting their parents in their Northern California home, enjoying the petite-ist of after-dinner cocktails (a Boyd family tradition) and catch-up conversation. Pam asked Terry, “What was your favorite role?” Immediately Terry replied, “Clown I.” Three years earlier, Terry had played the role of Clown I in The 39 Steps with the Edmonds Driftwood Players. Being a TIPS production, it had only run for 4 performances.

The Boyds. L. to R. - Pam, Bob, Hazel, and Terry
The Boyds. L. to R. – Pam, Bob, Hazel, and Terry
It was such a demanding role that it wasn’t until the Sunday matinee that he thought, “Now, I’m ready for 2 more weeks.” But, alas, the show closed a few hours later. He had always looked back on that time and wished for a longer run. Pam, always a supporter of Terry’s artistic endeavors, suggested they co-produce a remount.

Since that conversation, Terry and Pam’s parents moved from their family home into an assisted living facility and, shortly thereafter, their wonderful father, Bob, passed away. During this period of grief, the need for laughter, hope, connection, and love became clear. Thus, remounting The 39 Steps, and bringing people together in comedy and all of the healing benefits that humor provides, holds an even deeper meaning for us today.

To honor Pam and her board work on LAMP, an organization that aids homeless people in their efforts to better their lives, Terry wanted “lamp” in the production name. “Light” seemed a natural addition, as it suggested so many positive qualities; brightness, vision, joy. Which brings us to our mission statement – of bringing the joy of combined human efforts to audiences, of producing plays that include hope as a realistic attribute, of eliciting communal laughter in a shared space with a dollop of message. We are honored to bring you Lamplight Productions.

For more information on Lamplight Productions, please contact Terry Boyd at terry@lamplightproductions.org or call 206-941-2870.